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Offering a range of natural Complementary Therapies tailored for the client.

Lorraine Herbert is based in Gloucester and appointments are available in Gloucester & surrounding area.

Lorraine is happy to work in other counties, please contact for price.

Bluedove provides a range of gentle Complementary Therapies, suitable for all ages (including children) offering the Bowen Technique and Energy Field Healing.

In addition, please read about Healing your Home with Energy healing techniques.

Energy Field Healing

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Is an advanced alternative therapy that works with the subtle layers of the human energy field.

This therapy is effective on all levels, emotional, physical and mental and can aid adults and children.

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Bowen Technique

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Bowen is a light touch therapy which treats the body as a ‘whole’, re-balancing and encouraging the body to re-align naturally.

The therapist applies very gentle rolling movements over soft tissue and muscle. The experience of the treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing and is suitable for all ages (including Infants and Children). 

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On Bowen:

"I saw Lorraine as she was recommended by a prominent holistic health practitioner who said that whilst other treatments address symptoms, skilled Bowen practitioners address the deeper 'structural' alignment of the person as a whole. I found Lorraine to be warm, welcoming and a very skilful practitioner. I would strongly recommend Bowen treatment by Lorraine to anyone who prefers to tackle root causes rather than symptoms."

GM, Cambridge.

Home Healing

Lorraine provides Home and Land Healing. Energy healing for your home can help balance and reharmonise your living space and bring balance to all life activities.

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